IAE Savoie Mont Blanc programmes in sustainable development 

Student sustainable development projects

For the Licence 3 CMI (International Commerce and Management), one part of the course requires students exhibit sustainable development competency by conducing projects with ecological, social, or societal value. The projects are defined by the students, with new objectives each year. For example, in 2015, students conducted the following projects:

Construct an Internet site dedicated to sustainable development at IAE Savoie Mont Blanc:

How can we improve IAE student involvement in sustainable development? The “Blog IAE” group took on the challenge of creating a site that would list current projects and explain them to teachers, students, and partner organizations of IAE. Take a look at the information by visiting this site, created by students, for students!

Promote the 2015 “Coalition of the NGO for the OMD” Conference:

The ONG coalition for the OMD aims to promote the UN Millennial Objectives for Development (in the areas of development, equality, health, education, and environment). This project sought to communicate with interested parties, through social networks, and thereby introduce both the Coalition and the 2015 Conference, which took place on June 15 the Palace of the United Nations.


Sensitize consumers to "Social and green IT":

The average useful life of electronic equipment is no more than about four years for computers and three years for smartphones, which has notable consequence for the environment. Don’t throw out your computers and tablets anymore; recycle them through AfB, social and green IT! The project allowed for sensible recycling of informational materials, in partnership with AfB enterprises.


On the route to “The ecological school”: 

How can we sensitize children to sustainable development in a CE2 class? Quizzes, recycling workshops, and fruit salad! In return, organic tomato plants are offered by the School of Botany. Recreational and pedagogical activities allow children to learn more and become aware of the joys of sustainable development.


Get ready for Senegal using football values:

The Football Effects Association is committed to football as a social actor, humanitarian, and defender of children’s rights. It uses football as a tool for socialization and a vector of respect and change. The objectives of the project carried out within IAE include collecting funds and clothing for young Senegalese. Viennese pastries, lottery, and good humour captivated both students and IAE personnel.


A small step for Zumba, a big step for the battle:

This dynamic and participatory initiative used a Zumba initiation course, a buffet, and a lottery to benefit “Action Against Hunger.” Through their involvement, this student group from IAE collected 850 €, which will serve to establish emergency funds for use in response to natural, health, or civil war catastrophes.


In 2014, student projects also included the following

Promote sustainable development in the mountains:

Transport, lodging, water, waste … there are so many ecological impacts in the mountains, especially those connected with skiing. This project, conducted in collaboration with the Mountain Riders, aimed to sensitize skiers and get involved in household waste collection operations at resorts.


Organize a location-based exchange platform: Place de la Loc’/IAE:

By organizing a new location-based exchange platform among IAE students, in partnership with the Place de la Loc, this project created an innovative and trendy initiative to share goods, save money, and improve solidarity among students—in brief: to consume in a different way.


Sensitivity to urgent situations and actions by UNICEF: 

This project, carried out with UNICEF, attempts to sensitize IAE students to urgent situations tied to wars, conflicts, and natural catastrophes. It also attempts to increase their desire to get involved!


Collect educational materials for Burkina Faso:

The objectives of this project, carried out with Burkinature/Oxalis, were to collect as much scholastic material as possible, destined for Burkina Faso, by mobilizing students, businesses, and university libraries.


Get involved with and sensitized to the handicapped:

The first objective of this project was to make IAE a collection point for corks, whose recycling provides financial resources to Bouchons 74, a support association for the handicapped. The second objective was to increase sensitivity to the difficulties of the disabled, through a chair course within IAE.