Every request must have the paperwork filled out and signed (found below)

If you used your own vehicle:

  • complete and sign the request to use your personal vehicle
  • include a copy of your gray card and your green card

Personal vehicle autorisation must be renewed every January

Temporary workers in the public sector must complete a travel order which must be presented to their superiors. Without this document, any travel will not be reimbursed.

Conditions of Compensation

Temporary workers: reimbursement for travel Under 150km, for longer trips it will be based off of the price of 2nd class train tickets.

You need to provide receipts for gas and tolls.

We only cover the time spent in classes at IAE as well as transportation to and from every day.

We only cover meals if your courses take place in the morning and afternoon for the equivilant of 8€47

By train

Reimbursement for train travel is only for 2nd class.

By plane (exceptional)

Reimbursement is only for economy class. Additional fees such as baggage do not apply.

Using personal vehicles

Reimbursements are determined by a fixed scale. The type of vehicle and distance will factor into the amount. Please refer to "distance conseillée via Michelin" regarding how kilometers to and from résidences do not count.

Other forms of transportation

Allocations for alternative forms of transportation (metro, RER, bus...) will be taken into account with receipts. Taxis do not count if there are buses still running at that hour. All transportation must be approved prior to departure.

Room and board

The following will be reimbursed

  • 65€ per day, 120€ for Paris.
  • Lunch at CROUS (if classes are all day) and dinner for 15.25€ if staying overnight.

For all temporary employees: refer to Alfresco

All documents must be delivered in person or by mail

For Annecy:

Service Gestion des vacataires IAE Savoie Mont Blanc
4 chemin de Bellevue
74944 Annecy le Vieux Cedex
Mail : Vacataires-hc.iae@univ-smb.fr

For Chambéry:

Service Gestion des vacataires IAE Savoie Mont Blanc
Dossiers vacataires 
Domaine de Jacob Bellecombette
Université Savoie Mont Blanc
BP 1104
73011 Chambéry Cedex
Mail : Vacataires-hc.iae@univ-smb.fr