ACEEPT is a European network of University Colleges in Tourism. The official language of the association is English The network is characterized by 3 key-words: International, Professional and Educational..

As an international organization, it brings together students, teachers and professionals from several European University Colleges in Tourism. ACEEPT runs every year a short-term intensive international programme based on a specific theme related to tourism. ACEEPT develops partnerships between several European Univerisity Colleges and encourages mobility of students and teachers. It strengthens partnership in organizing joint European projects.


As a professional organization, ACEEPT aims at reaching the highest level of professionalism and proficiency. Every year in a different European country, professionals from several institutions or organizations are invited to share their knowledge and expertise with students and teachers. Students get the chance to improve their personal and professional skills, and teachers and trainers get the opportunity to develop joint curricula or establish networks for mobility. Reaching professionalism and proficiency are pivotal to a successful career in a highly competitive world.

On an educational level, ACEEPT is a strong network of University Colleges in Tourism. ACEEPT believes that the exchange of knowledge and expertise between several University Colleges is very valuable. ACEEPT encourages students to broaden their network in order to enhance their future employability. Finally, through various contacts with professionals, students develop an awareness of the importance to attend life – long learning programmes.


IAE Savoie Mont-Blanc has been a member of ACEEPT since 2011 and hosted the ACEEPT project week in November 2015, on the Chambéry campus.