Our mission is to develop—in collaboration with economic actors within the region (i.e., Haute Savoie and Savoie)—responsible managers and entrepreneurs, as well as strong engines for regional, national, and international businesses. The institute offers programmes from Bac +1 to Bac + 8.  

IAE Savoie Mont Blanc, through its research laboratory IREGE, also pursues greater understanding of economic and management sciences. Student-researchers integrate their research work with their classroom assignments. 

The Institute works in constant collaboration with economic actors in the area who contribute to its development and from whom it takes its identity. In particular, IAE works with the Corporate Club, an innovative model of relations between businesses and universities.

In offering career training dedicated to management, IAE Savoie Mont Blanc combines excellent teaching with access to the professional world. Due to its appealing geographic location (cross-border) and territorial dynamics, IAE has long benefitted from a programme that is open to international and differentiated (tourism, hospitality, event management) interests, spanning the vast range of regional training in management. 

A few words from our dean, Claire Salmon

IAE Savoie Mont Blanc has major original assets in that it is a superior innovative teaching institute, having developed strong professional courses backed both by academic research and a business structure network. IAE SMB is also original in the multi-disciplinary approach of its pedagogical teams, which integrate vast numbers of collaborators from the business world, as well as in the significant weight accorded to international exchanges and to the development of collaborative programmes with cross-border partners. Finally, IAE SMB has worked to develop specific competences in the university region, the Rhone-Alpin, enabling it to address the particular needs of our dynamic territories through the formation of new fields of study" 

Luc Blanchet, President, Director General of Botanic, President of the Council of IAE Savoie Mont Blanc


“My support for IAE Savoie Mont Blanc stems from my connection to our territory, the Savoy region, where it is absolutely critical to our local economy that we offer students a favourable environment and supervision for their success and their professional integration.” 


Set in exceptional surroundings between lakes and mountains, IAE is active on two campuses: 
Campus at Annecy-le-Vieux
Jacob- Bellecombette Campus (Chambery)

 Programmes are also taught onsite at Annemasse, Thonon, Paris, and Geneva