Within the context of the European harmonisation of higher education, students are given the opportunity to spend part of their studies abroad. Such a mobility is particularly relevant for management courses which prepare students for professional activities where English is often the main language.

Therefore, IAE offers courses in English, for regular and incoming students; so the latter can spend one semester in France without proof of proficiency in French.

Courses of French as a Foreign language are also available, in the late afternoon.
Location: Annecy campus

Term: Fall (starting late August, see below French as a Foreign language - Ending Dec 21st 2018) - Courses will be delivered by blocks of one week, every two weeks.


Application: Mid March - Mid April through Moveonline.

Pay attention: limited number of students; proficiency in English required: 850 TOEIC or equivalent results (for foreign students, a certificate from the home university is enough)
Course list 2018-2019

Economic analysis
Human resource management
Information system
International project management
Marketing management
Marketing research
Negotiation techniques
French as a Foreign language

Economics analysis - 5 ECTS                                  

Course overview and aims:

The aim of this course is to give students the economic tools needed to understand and analyse the world from an economic point of view.

By using theories from various areas of economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics, labor economics, growth), the course searches to explain topical economic issues like unemployment, growth slowing-down, economic crisis, poverty, population migration, competition, energy shortage etc…

Pre requisites: none but curiosity


Human resource management  -  5 ECTS                   

Course overview and aims:

Organizations today face many challenges in the management of their human resources. Whether employees work in a big company or a small non-for-profit organization, those employees must be recruited, selected, trained and managed. They also must be compensated and many will be given benefits of some type.

This course focuses on the core competencies, as identified by the leading HR associations, that are essential for current or future managers and staff specialists who wish to increase their effectiveness working directly with human resources in all types of organizations.

The course introduces to intermediate concepts of human resources management.

Pre requisites: Basics of management and organizational behaviour


Information system - 5 ECTS                                        

Course overview and aims:

The aim of the ICT-Enabled Organisations course is to provide students with a grounded exploration of the fundamental role of technology in enabling commercial and industrial organisations to meet the challenges of the dynamic, globalised, post-industrial environment. The course builds on the foundation concepts and prior knowledge of organisational culture and structure, data management, the value chain, business stakeholders and the national and global marketplace. The course emphasises the new skills, visions, management innovations and paradigms that companies adopt in order to gain competitive advantage. The course deals with Information System as a key enabler of business strategies and processes.

A further objective is for students to learn up-to-date technical, commercial and industrial terminology using correct English terms.

Pre requisites: None


International project management - 5 ECTS         

Course overview and aims:

Project management has been proven to be the most effective method of delivering products within cost, schedule, and resource constraints. This course gives students the skills to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget while giving the user the product they expect.

The students are given a strong knowledge of the basics of project management and should be able to use that knowledge effectively.

The course goals are :

  • to acquire an understanding of the key terms, definitions, and concepts used in project management
  • to know history of project management and organizational implementation
  • to understand how implement effective project management practices : scope, schedule, budget and risks planning

At the end of the course students are able to identify and manage the project scope, build a work breakdown structure, schedule the project, create the project budget, define and allocate resources, create a project plan to manage the project development, and identify and manage risks.

Pre requisites: Basics of management and human resource management


Marketing management - 5 ECTS                      

Course overview and aims:

One of the leading challenges facing many organisations is how to ensure their activities are customer focused. In fact, it is the role of marketing manager who has authority to develop and implement marketing strategy and plans. The marketing manager is responsible for deciding what products to sell, to whom, for what price, where, when and how.

The course of Marketing Management is designed to provide knowledge, tools and techniques to develop such abilities. The programme of Marketing Management ensures an immersion in the core principles and concepts of marketing process and operational marketing. The course will provide an introduction to the basic aspects of marketing management and a broad range of topics will be considered during the session (refer the course content).

The course goals are :

  • to acquire an understanding of the key terms, definitions, and concepts used in marketing management.
  • to acquire a marketing strategy "toolbox"
  • to be able to communicate and defend marketing recommendations

Pre requisites: Basics of marketing


Marketing research - 5 ECTS                         

Course overview and aims:

Designing a clever and efficient research project according to the research objectives and available resources. Reporting the results of the study to support marketing decisions makers. Understanding the tools (software) and the techniques (like sampling, statistics), needed for properly conducting research projects.

Pre requisites: Basics of marketing and statistics (Bachelor level in Economics and management)


Negotiation techniques - 5 ECTS                   

Course overview and aims:

This course gives an introduction to some of the key mechanisms that characterise negotiations with a particular focus on the relationship between negotiation behaviour, dynamics and outcome. Students will learn in a practical environment using role plays and other interactive methods to gain a realistic knowledge of the skills involved in negotiating effectively. Each student will be expected to actively participate and demonstrate that they understand the subject matter and are able to offer adequate solutions to different negotiating scenarios.

Pre requisites: Basics of sales and marketing


French as a Foreign language 

  • Intensive course

A one week intensive course is organised before the start of the semester (start end of August).
International students from Universite Savoie Mont Blanc will learn together and have sport and social activities.
Four levels of proficiency: A1 - A2 - B1 - B2

  • Semester course 3 or 6 ECTS

During the semester (mid Sep - Dec), courses of French language will be delivered in the late afternoon for the international students of the campus.
Four levels of proficiency: A1 - A2 - B1 - B2

6 ECTS for A1/A2 levels - (48h of classes)

3 ECTS for B1/B2 level - (24h of classes)