CONSIDER: Annecy March 10th-22nd 2013


Finland: University of Vaasa, France: University of Savoie, Germany: University of Kassel, Iceland: University of Iceland, Italy: University of Pavia, University of Trento, Hungary: BGF, Lithuany: Vilnius International Business School, Spain: University of Leon.

More than 80 international students and 15 teachers (13 nationalities) will work on an European survey related to beverage consumption.


The rationale of the programme is to have students examining and interpreting a huge dataset of European consumers insights - made of qualitative and quantitative measurements - for analysing consumption cultural differences and similarities within the Old Continent. This data was collected through the COBEREN project, run from 2009 to 2012 in 30 countries. See

During the IP, the students had to study a specific topic and then work and use only a part of the full Coberen database, restricted to a specific European geographical area (6 countries), and focused on some specific beverages. Seven "sub-topics" have been designed, each of them will be covered by two "competing" groups of students and tutored by 2 or 3 teachers:

  • Beer / Wine in northern Europe.
  • Beer / Wine in Southern Europe.
  • Water in Central Europe.
  • Water in Western Europe.
  • Tea/coffee in Western Europe.
  • Tea/coffee in Northern Europe.
  • Fruit juice/ soft drinks in Western Europe.

For the Consider programme, we have grouped the countries according to the United Nations classification:

  • Central Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary.
  • Southern Europe: Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, and Cyprus,
  • Northern Europe: Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, and Lithuania
  • Western Europe: Belgium, France, Island, Ireland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom

After analyzing the data, they should be able to:

  • Choose a target
  • Develop or adapt a new beverage for them, focusing on the Product and Communication elements of the marketing mix. Students may also choose to develop a social marketing campaign (for ex. promote fruit juice consumption)

As their final report and presentation, the students will have to expose the main outcomes of their data analyses and the resulting marketing recommendations. The best reports produced by the students during the programme will be uploaded on the Coberen and Consider website.


  • National surveys

Prior to arrival, the students realized a survey about the beverage consumption in their country. They were tutored by their local teacher(s).

Reports per university (from North to South)
Reykjavik, Vaasa, Vilnius, Budapest, Kassel, Savoie, Trento, Pavia, Leon

  • Final reports

Some of the best reports:
Health tea market
Vin du soleil