...is one of our primary goals for political development at IAE Savoie Mont Blanc ”


IAE has many opportunities for incoming and outgoing study abroad experiences! Not only do we welcome students from over 200 countries, we have over 280 options for outgoing study abroad programs. We are especially grateful for our partnerships which allow us to have these cross-cultural exchanges. Our 110 partners extend over 30 countries from around the world.

Additionnally; our students have access to Erasmus+; ISEP (United States), BCI (Quebec), and ORA (Ontario). 


European Master in Business Studies

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The EMBS is a one-of-a-kind program in which students spend 2 years, 4 semesters, during which they spend each semester in a different European country

Our "Eurotrip" :

  • M1 / 1st semester : Trento, Italy
  • M1 / 2nd semester : IAE in Annecy
  • M2 / 1st semester : Kassel, Germany
  • M2 / 2nd semester : Leon, Spain

Similar to the other programmes offered at IAE, the EMBS gives you the practical experience you need to work in business. Students work on a consulting project during their first year. Following the completion of their M2, there is a required 3-month internship component.  

For more information: European Master in Business Studies

This program received EPAS accreditation in September 2017.

International Semester at IAE

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We are lucky to be situated in the European Union, which gives us the unique opportunity to pqrticipate in many international exchanges. Thanks to ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) any credits received during the semester can be transferred to your institution seamlessly. 

These exchanges are particularly important in the fields of marketing and business. Our students have the opportunity to acquire key skills for their future careers.

SInce 2015, IAE offers multiple courses in English. We offer a course in International Business during the first semester of the Masters in Management as well as a course in Tourism for those in the Internationale Tourism Mangement. Our courses are unique considering they are unique considering they are taught in English but take place in France. 

Découvrez nos formations dans les domaines du Management international et du Tourisme dispensées à l'IAE Savoie Mont Blanc:

  • International Semester in Annecy (Management), ici
  • International Semester in Chambéry (Tourisme), ici

Within the framework of IAE Savoie Mont Blanc 

Not only do we offer courses in English; our students have the option to choose other options that work with their studies. 

Any student wishing to pursue courses in a foregin language should refer to the Language Centre at IUT. The following languages are available: Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian.

To learn more about the Language Centre at IUT Annecy, cliquez-ici.

For those who wish to improve their French; the Language Centre offers classes for non-native speakers. 

Continuing Education and Certification

French-Swiss programmes

The convenient proximity of IAE to Geneva promotes collaborations with quality Swiss institutions. All of our partnerships in Switzerland are exclusively for those seeking to further their education in a professional setting. 

Our courses are approved by notable Franco-Swiss intructors and institutions. They are organised in a way that one may continue with their professional endeavours simultaneously. VAPP procedures (Validation des Acquis Professionnels et Personnels) are offered to all students, considering they have significant experience. 

Bachelors in Management Science (partnered with Geneva School of Economics and Management
Bachelors in Tourism (partnered with HES-SO Valais)
Master in Management and Business Administration (partnered with Geneva School of Economics and Management
Executive MBA in Tourist Innovation (partnered with HES SO Valais, l'Institut Universitaire Kurt Bosch, l'IEP Grenoble)