Ten business leaders and presidents of institutions in Haut Savoie, led by the President of SOMFY Paul Dreyfus, joined with the University Savoie to create the Annecy IUP Commerce and Sales (CV) and its associated Business Club, the ISE (Higher Institute of Business). Successive presidents of the Business Club have included Paul Dreyfus (SOMFY), Remi Decosse (TEFAL), Bernard Guiot (SOMFY), Frederic Verwaerde (TEFAL), Henri Deplante (APACHE), and Claude Deffaugt (MIGROS).


During the 1990s, the University Savoie supported the creation of IUP as a service sector. Following the creation of the Annecy IUP Commerce and Sales (1991), several tourism management sectors left LEA to create a new IUP: Leisure, Tourism, Hotel Trade, and Transport (THTL, 1992). In Chambery, an IUP in International Affairs (AI, 1994) also emerged. Finally, in Annecy, the IUP Engineering in Information Systems was developed (GSI, 1996), followed by a Master in Management Sciences (MSG, 1996). 


Creation of the Institute of Management Research (IREGE, welcome team), which blended two young teams: the research group on business and management (GEREG) and the Center for Research and Intervention for Management (CERIAM, Chambery).


The University Savoie developed UFR, the “Business Services Activities” (ATE), which reunited the three service sectors (CV, THTL, AI, DEUG in economics/management, and MSG).


Economists from the University Savoie, working principally at UFR ATE, began collaborating with IREGE, which changed but retained the same acronym: Institute of Research in Management and Economics.


Creation of a degree in information communication at UFR ATE.

  • IUP GSI re-joins UFR ATE.
  • The Business Club becomes an association of general interest; businesses begin offering sponsorships.
  • The UFR ATE transforms itself into the Institute of Management at the University Savoie (IMUS). The IUP and MSG dissolve into the LMD, and the IMUS takes on a six-department structure, located at six sites: Commerce and Sales, Economics and Finance, Technology and Management, Communication/Hypermedia, and International Tourism/Hotel Trade/Leisure Management.
  • Official opening of new buildings on the old site. In attendance were Paul Dreyfus and Robert F. Engle, Nobel Prize winner in economics. The Business Club decides to continue its support of IMUS by reinforcing its presence at Savoie and in the tourism sector. The two Savoieard departments attract 60 member businesses and institutions. 

The Business Club extends its activity to the IUT of Annecy. 


On February 4, IMUS becomes IAE Savoie Mont Blanc. The Business Club celebrates its 20th anniversary.


IAE Savoie Mont Blanc reaches 2,500 students, including 500 from other nations. The Club includes more than 80 members, businesses, and institutions and works to evolve into the “Business Club of the University Savoie.” 

  • The University Savoie changes its identity and becomes the University Savoie Mont Blanc. In this framework, IAE Savoie Mont Blanc also has revisited its identity and changed its logo. Find it here.
  • On June 10, IAE Savoie Mont Blanc joins the national organization IAE France, the most important management science network in France. The Extraordinary General Assembly of IAE France—comprised of an directors of the IAE members—voted unanimously in favour of its inclusion. The IAE became the 32nd member of the network. 

From 1991 to today, sponsors of IAE…

Jean-Marie Gomila, PDG of Net Design, a web and digital strategy consulting agency, is the current sponsor of master’s students at IAE Savoie Mont Blanc. For more information, click here. 

The numerous professionals who have preceded him since 1993 are: 

  • 1993: Bernard Bosson (Deputy Mayor of Annecy)
  • 1994: Georges Salomon (Founder of Salomon)
  • 1995: Paul Rivier (Chair of Téfal)
  • 1996: Sophie De Menthon (CEO, president of ETHIC [Independent Businesses of Human Scale and of Growth])
  • 1997: Pierre Tardivel (high level sports)
  • 1998: Bernard Accoyer (Deputy Mayor of Old Annecy)
  • 1999: Paul Dreyfus (ex-chair of Somfy and founder of the Business Club)
  • 2000: Rémy Descosse (President of TEFAL)
  • 2001: Jean-François Lanthier (First General Delegate of the Business Club)
  • 2002: Alain Roges (Director General of the People’s Bank of the Alps)
  • 2003: Christine Janin (high level sports, founder of the association To Each His Own Everest)
  • 2004: Jacques Lacroix (Chair of Maped)
  • 2005: Nicolas Lechatellier (President of the Board of Directors of Entremont)
  • 2006: Bernard Guiot (Director General of Somfy and previous President of the Business Club) and Jean- Michel Tivoly (President of the Tivoly Group)
  • 2007: Claude Deffaugt (Director General of Migros France)
  • 2008: Jean Clochet (President of Routin SA and of the People’s Bank of the Alps)
  • 2009: Edgar Grospiron (ski champion and Director General of the Annecy application for 2018)
  • 2010: Jean-Luc Diard (Senior Vice President of Technica Group and President of Outdoor Sports Valley)
  • 2011: Tiziana Loschi (General Delegate of CITIA and president of the Festival of Film Animation)
  • 2012: Bernard Fournier (President, Director General of the Fournier Society; Mobalpa, Perene SoCoo'c, Delpha)
  • 2013: Jean-Philippe Demael (Director General of Somfy Activities and member of the Directors of the Somfy Group)
  • 2014: Jean-Marie Gomila (Chair of Net Design)