You have the opportunity to do an internship abroad!

Certain programmes require that your internship take place outside of France.

In France, if your internship exceeds 2 months you must be paid from that point on. However, this is not the case elsewhere as they do not abide by French laws. 

Finding an internship and accreditation

Each programme has its own specific dates and deadlines, meaning that the head of pedagogy of your department will explain the process for research and accreditation for your specific programme.

Do not forget; you cannot apply for internships in zones listed as red or orange by the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs: Ministère des Affaires Etrangères

Internships outside of Europe (excluding the US, Canada, and Switzerland)

If you choose to pursue an internship outside of the EU, it must be approved by the head of the International Relations office, Mme. Amy Church-Morel (

You must submit your internship agreement as well as your registration on ARIANE.

We no longer accept China or Russia as internship destinations unless you have citizenship.

Internship Agreement

International internships have specifics requirements therefore you must check in regularly with department chair.

Managing your Internship Abroad

Financial aid and other forms can be found on MoveOn.

How to fund an internship abroad

You will be able to sign up online via MoveOn if you wish to pursue an internship during your second semester.

Internships may be submitted once one is found (thought you may submit it if the paperwork is already being processed or there is a written confirmation), in that case it can be turned in as late as 1 month prior to the start date of your internship.

You must follow this procedure if you wish (or must) complete an internship abroad.

Financial aid offers will be reviewed by the Commission for International Relations of IAE Savoie Mont Blanc.


For an internship outside of the EU, you must apply for a visa for the country you are travelling to. Keep in mind, a tourist visa (or no visa) does not permit you to work as an intern.

The United States

It can take up to 2 months to receive a visa. The cost is quite high (around 1500 € for an internship lasting 6 months).

It is highly recommended that you contact the International Relations department before you start looking for an internship. You can consult the following website: Parenthèse


You are required to have a work permit to have an internship in Canada, there is only a limited number that are awarded anually. Expérience Internationale Canada.

If you wish to pursur an internship in Québec, the process is different due to the close relations between the region and France. It is required that you fill out the Q104. Click on the following link to learn more about internships in Québec: stage au Québec

Pre-departure requirement - ARIANE registration

We highly recommend those who are going to do an internship abroad to sign-up for the International Registry of French Residents Abroad (Ariane): ici

Remember, you cannot apply for internships in countries listed as orange or red by the Ministry of French Foreign Affairs: Ministère des Affaires Etrangères

Important Documents

Dans le cadre de votre stage, vous trouverez ci-dessous divers documents qui pourront vous être utiles :