Student-led initiatives are highly encouraged and can receive ECTS crédits.

These projects are supported by Student Services and Associates, the communication department of IAE, and larger regional endeavours.

How do they work?

These projects can take on many forms.

  • Students can work alone or in groups of up to 10
  • 1 teacher or professional per groups of 5+ students
  • Students contribute at least 25 hours each
  • An agreement that states the relation of the project to the University

What kind of projects?

The projects must be related to at least one of the following themes:

  • Improving student life at IAE (ex. commencement ceremony)
  • Increasing the visibility of IAE
  • Sustainability or environmental initiatives
  • Helping underprivileged communities
  • Helping regional collectives with public outreach

In 2018-2019, Radio Semnoz, la city of Annecy, the Corporate Club, l'Université Savoie Mont Blanc, the Alumni Network, and other associations collaborated to help students see their projects to fruition. To name a few: updating technology in nursing homes, assisting with events, and getting local and organic produce delivered to campus. There were a total of 15 projects!

Advantages of student participation?

  • Becoming more active within your department
  • Working as a team
  • Applying the skills acquired in class
  • Creating a network
  • Improving the image of IAE

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"My initial experience with IAE's students was extremely positive (...) They were capable of working in groups and distributing tasks effectively. By working with them on the financial report, they used this opportunity to their advantage by expanding their knowledge on the region as well as using it as a networking opportunity."

"Students were a pleasure to work with. They were attentive, prompt, and acheived the initial goals.

"Thank you so much for your work (...) Their drive, autonomy, and vast knowledge of digital strategies and tools was truly impressive. They were able to do much of the work alone, they were real consultants! They did a quality job on the assignment."

"The group worked efficiently and in collaboration throughout the duration of the project. The end result was more than satisfactory."

"Their work was very satisfactory and a great help towards our final goal."

Consult past projects

Our students in the M1 Master in Management were invited to Radio Semnoz to discuss their projects. They were later transmit on the regional radio station in the economic and business segment!

radiosemnoz_logoweb.pngClick to listen:

Radio-Semnoz - RDV 01 - Projet IAE - EManchon YBourgeault.mp3
Radio-Semnoz - RDV 02 - IAE et Club des entreprises - Virginie Reitzer.mp3
Radio-Semnoz - RDV 03 - IAE Pfeiffer Vacuum - Benoît Locquet.mp3
Radio-Semnoz - RDV 04 - IAE Pilot - Patrick Forveille.mp3
Radio-Semnoz - RDV 05 - IAE Semaine de l'entreprise.mp3
Radio-Semnoz - RDV 06 - IAE Big Data.mp3

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